Thesis: Handling of Emotions

Sample Thesis Paper

In terms of my personal values with regard to the handling of emotions, an emotion can be highly strong and at certain times, it can also serve to cloud a person’s sense of judgment. In cases such as these, it is essential for the subject to keep a composed mind and to avoid engaging in any of two extremely important elements. Firstly, the person should avoid making a judgment regarding any of the variables that are of any concern to the person.  In the case that the person does make a judgment, the subject should refrain from making any decision based upon that judgment.

The second element from which the person should refrain from during the experiencing of a severe emotional state is carrying out of an action. People who get carried away with their emotions more than often lose control of their state of mind and begin to engage in activities that they would not engage in under normal circumstances. It is therefore essential to weigh out the variables of the situation and to keep the priorities aligned.

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