Thesis: Handling Information

Sample Thesis Paper

In the Information Age, the control and organization of information can be viewed as an important concern that is at least as important as the control and organization of landmass. Handling information is one of the most crucial tasks in the harmonious flow of operations within a certain system, whether it is related to work, education, the government, or an entire nation. When information is placed in the wrong hands or is simply not one that is to be considered as credible, proper communication is distorted. Information is one of the many causes of division between groups which is manifested in certain areas like religion and culture.
Fortunately, such difference did not prevent many races to coexist especially now that many people have already learned the significance of cultural sensitivity. However, there are radical groups who believe that there can never be true unity until everyone submits to one particular belief or way, which is their way. Unfortunately on their part, they do not possess enough power in realizing their objectives particularly those related with political concerns, nor do they have sufficient influence in earning support “or attracting public attention by resorting to non-violent legal means” (Devost et al., 1996, p. 10).
This is the traditional way of looking at terrorism which is considered as the “weapon of the weak” because its attacks are imbalanced and with no distinction which makes it hard for a timely response. Clearly, this strategy is out of desperation since apparently, the ones being attacked are of much superior force (Arquilla et al., 1998, p. 39). Somehow, information terrorists have discovered one communication strategy that will help them attain the much needed power which is through the use of digital technology. Thus, these extremists have resorted to intimidation and force through the internet to initially disrupt unity until they are finally able to persuade an individual or individuals completely by their coercine.

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