Thesis: Hardships Faced by Arabic Speakers in USA

Sample Thesis Paper

Arabic speakers face a number of hardships in US including the trouble with the immigration officers. Harsham (1992) presents a very convincing story of an Arab who came to America in early 1900s. He made his way through all the troubles and that also cost him his name. According to Harsham, Arabic speakers have often received response from fellow Americans which is not so welcoming. The article includes a story of an Arab which took place long before the terrorist threats and it can be observed that even then Arabic speakers were not given rights that are given to an American citizen. According to the article, the man, Howar, who came to America to have a better life had to change his Muslim name to a Western name in order to acquire American citizenship, and this was in the early 1900s. According to Harsham, “Howar’s immigration to America is typical of the moves made by thousands of Arabs around the turn of the century.”

The message presented by this article is that the Arabic speakers should be given the same rights as any other American citizens without any discrimination. It can be said that this discrimination may be the main reason behind the reluctance of the Arabic speakers to work for the US military. In my opinion there is significant need of Arabic speakers in the military, but in order to ensure that the Arabic speakers are committed to the US military, they will have to be treated indiscriminately without any bias. Thus, it can be inferred that in order to get Arabic speakers in the US military who are highly motivated and sincere, the US authorities will have to design policies that help the Arabic speakers have same rights as other US citizens.

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