Thesis: Harley Davidson Competitor Analysis

Sample Thesis Paper

Harley Davidson faces off competition from four globally known and well established companies. These are Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and BMW Motorcycle.
1. BMW Motorcycle

BMW has been in operation since 1922 and has grown into a global corporate giant. With a strong focus on automobile and motorcycle markets, BMW functions with over 100,000 employees around the world and it’s headquarter in Munich, Germany (Data Monitor, 2009). BMW holds considerable dominance in the European Market and offers consumers with a wide array of automotive products and services including insurance, reinsurance and consultation services for information technology. BMW is Harley Davidson’s most significant competitor since both companies are fairly similar in terms of their brand image (Knol, 2008). Both BMW and Harley Davidson engage in intensive competition in terms of their marketing strategies and BMW continues to fashion its marketing strategies to appeal to customers currently loyal to Harley Davidson.

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