Thesis: Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914

Sample Thesis Paper

The first legislation passed by the United States which outlawed the use of narcotics and other drugs such as Heroin was the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914. This legislation brought into effects laws which gave the criterion for the methodology of controlling the production of distribution of opium and its derivatives. Law enforcement officials could now also prosecute doctors who would prescribe these substances. This was because at the time the only way for addicts to receive the drug was through prescription from a doctor.

It was when it was recognized as a narcotic that Heroin production and consumption was proposed to be illegal and ban was imposed. By 1924 Heroin production was outlawed in the United States (Chepesiuk). World War II and Japans clash with China disrupted many of the normal distribution routes of the drug. After 1931, there was a great decrease in its production which the drug cartels saw as an opportunity to begin illegal production and trade.

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