Thesis: Haskell Brooks Curry

Sample Thesis Paper

Haskell Brooks Curry was a specialist in the field of mathematics and logic and is renowned for his contributions to the field of logic through combinatory logic. Born in 1900 on September 12, in Millis, Massachusetts, Haskell Brooks Curry is known for three distinct contributions to the area of the implementation and utilization of logic. These are Combinatory logic, Curry-Howard correspondence and Curry’s paradox which is otherwise also referred to as Lob’s paradox. The following paragraphs shall highlight some of the most notable contributions made by Haskell Curry and shall elaborate upon the significance that they hold to the realm of mathematics and logic through the degree of practicality that their applications harbor.

Prominent and well recognized works by Haskell Curry include Combinatory Logic, which he published in 1958 in collaboration with Robert Feys, and Foundations of Mathematical Logic, which he published in 1963. His development of combinatory logic made such a significant contribution to the evolution of logic and its application that two programming languages were named after him. The first is Haskell which is a consistent and highly practical programming language with semantics that are not designed to be rigid, and the second being Curry which allows the user to exercise constraint programming integration and is a highly experimental yet functional programming language that makes heavy utilization of logic.

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