Thesis: Hazard of Obesity

Sample Thesis Paper

In the chosen article by Ginny Graves on, the author has taken into account the numerous reasons because of which being overweight is more than a simply hazard (Graves). The author has attempted to show how being overweight can serve to make matters worse in the case of sickness or disease. The However, it was noticed that even though there are referrals to researches, the specifications of the researches referred to have not been mentioned. Nonetheless, the author has given undeniable substance to the presented arguments by elaborating on real world experiences and how obesity is far more serious an issue than it is considered to be.
In an article published on, the brief yet comprehensive article elaborates on how research has proved that there is a strong need to realize the exact returns that exercise can give when engaged in to fight obesity (Fox News). The article is well founded and properly references a research upon which it is based. The author argues that the research was not only based on study but also constituted actual experimentation in an attempt to verify the findings, thereby bringing a significant degree of authenticity to the article. However, it merits highlighting that the article is far too brief than a casual reader would want it to be and mentions far too many details of the methodology of the addressed research that the layman would be concerned about.

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