Thesis: Health care issues discussed

Sample Thesis Paper

As far as my point of view is concerned media has covered the most disruptive issue of healthcare in a political manner. Healthcare reform was one of the prioritized stories from June 2009 till March 2010. According to my observation media didn’t cover healthcare issues as it should have. However, In General talk shows anchors dedicated more time towards the healthcare reforming issues than conservative anchors in the media industry. They devoted 44% of their time talking about healthcare reforming issues (Bucci, 2008). The health reform debate concentrated more on political issues rather than striving towards healthcare policies. Media addressed different health reforming issues in which some medical analyst suggest that patient satisfaction scrutiny is not a good tool to assess medical care.

Media has also discussed about the reform of doctor’s incentives in which doctors get reward for their services instead of their salary. The issue also revolves around the major facilities provided to insured patients rather than uninsured patients by the healthcare institutes in the U.S. The media handled the debate by discussing inadequacy of doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff for the patients. E.g.:- many of the state government filed law-suit against those doctors and healthcare institutions in 2004.

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