Thesis: Health Problems among Female Prisoners

Sample Thesis Paper

There is a already a range of health problems that exists with regard to women in prisons and the addition of each new prisoner serves as an increased risk towards already present healthcare issues since it has been observed over time that the relationship between the healthcare problems brought in by new detainees and those that are already present in the prison serve to increase the degree of complication in the healthcare environment of the prison.

While the pre-imprisonment assessment performed for female prisoners and incorporates all necessary elements to ensure and establish a woman’s health before she can be sent to the detainment facility, there is a need to address the special and considerably complicated needs of women that arise during their incarceration (Safyer & Richmond, 1995). Simply imprisoning a mother of young children causes extensive complications to arise and any rejection by the prisoner’s immediate family can cause the patient to undergo devastating consequences on the female prisoner’s emotional health. It can push the prisoner towards finding distractions in activities that only act as catalysts to the degradation of mental, physical and emotional health.

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