Thesis: Health Promotion Strategies

Sample Thesis Paper

In order to take a broader view of the scenario, the paper also attempts to highlight the health promotion strategies that were visible to be in action in the community. The systems theory has also been brought into use in the research for this paper and has been elaborated upon in the later paragraphs of the paper. However, it is essential to note that upon the request of the family, their contact information and the like is being kept confidential and has been used solely for research purposes in this study (Kvale & Brinkmann, 2008).

The family chosen for the sake of this assignment was one that constituted of a mother, a father and their single child. The father’s age was 38, the mother’s age was 34, and their child’s age was 12. They were asked permission and they chose to participate in the research for this paper on the condition that their personal information was kept confidential. During the one hour interview with the members of this small family, the three members of the family were interviewed in order to attain an understanding of the health structure that existed in their family.

The family was observed to be one that gave a high degree of regard to the two factors of sleep and nutrition and was observed to lack in the area of exercise. The mother in particular was observed to be one who regarded health as an inevitably and undeniably significant element and it was communicated to the interviewer that the mother and the father would collectively engage in house-cleaning activities on a daily basis. It was found that the gentleman and lady of the house chose to exercise the more personal and intimate aspects of their relationship in a manner that allowed them to keep their health on a somewhat stable level.

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