Thesis: The use of Heroin

Sample Thesis Paper

More and more individuals have implemented drug use into their daily lives. The use of Heroin does not only affect the user, it also has a detrimental effect on their family and friends. It affects the physical and psychological functioning of an individual which can lead to long term consequences. These consequences can range from overdoing to turning to crime to feed their addiction.

This in turn leads to other crimes such as robbery, scams and prostitution, more often than not ending with these individuals in prison. It is inevitable that the cultivation, production, distribution and use of Heroin will be a major factor in the United States for years to come. Smugglers and pushers have evolved over the years and have perfected the art of not only providing a product which is cheaply available and highly addictive. But also provide varieties which can satisfy the craving of every individual. Even with decreasing statistics for crimes and drug uses, Heroin addiction and its prevalence will always remain a problem. It correlation with crime, addiction treatment and heath care will be markers of the drug trends and safety of a community.

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