Thesis: Higgins v. Intex Recreation Corporation

Sample Thesis Paper

This case can be compared to Higgins v. Intex Recreation Corporation in which the manufacturers of a snow tube by the name of Extreme Sno-Tube II. They neglected their duty by not stating on their product the safety measures that can be observed while using this product.

Moreover, the defense was able to establish that the Sno-tube could rotate while down hill and it did not have any devices for steering (West Publishing Company, West Group 99). Moreover, the case Bunch v. Hoffinger Industries, Inc. was a case of negligence because the makers of an above ground swimming pool did not include warning on how to dive in them without increasing the risk of hurting. The warning on the pool for not diving since the water was shallow could not be obvious to an 11 eleven year old. The court did establish this (West Publishing Company, West Group 101).

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