Thesis: History of civilizations

Sample Thesis Paper

The Bronze Age is a time in the history of a civilization when it masters the use of metals for various purposes. Various metals, such as copper, iron and alloys were used to make utensils, armor and weapons. This age occurred at different times in different civilizations, but around the same period (3000-1000 BC) in China and South Asia. Archeological findings suggest similarities in the metal works produced, and it is quite possible that trade routes might have facilitated this exchange of information on how to make the best use of metal.

The Silk Route is an ancient system of roads through which trade was conducted. It connected the Chinese civilization to India, Persia and the Mediterranean countries. Numerous products apart from silk were traded through the Silk Route, and so was scientific information and culture. This played a key role in the further development of the civilizations that participated in trade along this route.2This is how lapis lazuli found its way to Harappa and Mohenjodaro in the Indus Valley Civilization. The spread of Buddhism, now a dominant religion in China also occurred through the Silk Route. Missionaries and monks from China used this route to travel to Taxila, which became a major centre of Buddhism.

Therefore, it is evident from historical manuscripts, archeological findings and recent research conducted on these two civilizations that certain aspects of their society and culture bore resemblance that would be hard to explain if they did not have any interaction or links during their existence. Mutual exchange of knowledge, customs, products and technology benefited both the Indus and Chinese people, and although one perished and the other survived and prospered, this exchange helped both develop their full potential and emerge as great civilizations.

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