Thesis: The Homeland Security Act of 2002

Sample Thesis Paper

The Homeland Security Act caused the individual activities of these departments to consolidate into one department which is now responsible for all aspects pertaining to homeland security. Essentially, the department of Homeland Security aims to prevent the incidence of foreign and domestic terrorist attacks. In the event that a terrorist attack does occur, it is the responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security to make sure that the implications of the attack are brought down to a minimum (Forest, 2006). The same responsibilities exist for the with regard to natural disasters as well as man-made disasters. The department of homeland security therefore takes on the responsibilities for the preparation, response and the recovery in the event that any event threatens Homeland Security.

Threats to homeland security can be of varying natures. The threat can be internal as well as external. For instance, the threat to the security of the nation can be from a cross-border attack just as much as it can be from a domestic terrorist group. The preservation of homeland security therefore does not incorporate the questioning of the motive of the threat but seeks to prevent the threat from taking effect.

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