Thesis: Hospitality Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

Research Context

The hospitality industry is always considerate of issues related to improving service so that customers enjoy a more pleasant service experience. Sometimes complicated marketing strategies are used, as part of an entire integrated communications programme, to enhance sales volumes and improve total profitability. Some of these strategies include television advertisements, radio promotions, print information in travel brochures, and other high-budget activities to build a better brand image. However, there is increasing evidence that consumers are affected more strongly by their interaction with staff members within the hotel industry than through their exposure to promotional marketing, therefore making a good impression the first time is a key business success strategy for positive service delivery.

Employees are only going to provide superior service when they are satisfied with their environment. If the hotel is structured improperly or doesn’t improve the self-esteem of workers, they are likely not to be as devoted to their job in the degree expected by corporate policy.

This independent research aims to explore the relation of employee satisfaction on overall service delivery, specifically attempting to discover how reduced satisfaction can adversely impact the consumers’ perception of quality and value and is designed for all the hotels in Sao Paulo, Brazil that are suffering from employee dissatisfaction, with the intention to increases their staff satisfaction and therefore improve their service quality.

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