Thesis: Hospitalization During Schizophrenia

Sample Thesis Paper

Hospitalization occurs when one is suffering acute episodes of schizophrenia and it can be voluntary or enforced by the legislation in place. In the US and Canada patients have to be hospitalized if they are a threat to their own security as well as the security of others around him or her.In the case of Kylie, she seems to have had these symptoms and thus she had to be hospitalized in order to stabilize her condition. After she recorded improvement in her health she was acquitted because one cannot remain in hospital for the entire period she is taking her medication. This is because medication can go on for a very long time and it would be uneconomical for one to remain in hospital for all that time. When a patient is hospitalized, there should be support services for the patients in terms of members of community mental health team visiting the patient to offer psychological support.  There should also be a patient led support health team, which would encourage other patients to take their situations positively.

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