Thesis: House of Representatives

Sample Thesis Paper

With the inability of the federal government to control the various states several national problems relating to debt from previous wars came to light. The increasing debts led to farmers creating local militias in what would be known as Shays’ uprising. This uprising caused the states to realize that the articles of the confederation needed to be revised and called a convention to do so. Many of the issues of the Articles were settled very quickly. However issues such as slavery, representation of people in congress, powers of the president and procedures for election to office and powers and functions of federal courts were greatly debated. They decided that all states would have an equal say in all sections of government and the representatives of the states would be seated in the House of Representatives. They also decided on the powers of the president who had command of the military and to appoint federal officials. A single supreme court was also created with permission for congress to create lower federal courts for each state.

They also made a point to make the constitution above legislative law making it so that the president, government and congress were not above the constitution. It has six articles spelling out the powers of the federal government and the state and is made to prevent the abuse of authority through separation of powers. What this means is that each branch of government is only responsible for enacting laws in its own branch and cannot take action in another branch. The first article placed the legislative power of the federal government in congress giving them power over the laws they can pass for the people, adopting the bicameral legislature.

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