Thesis: Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks Coffee

Sample Thesis Paper

Howard Shultz the founder of Starbucks Corporation displays use a dynamic leadership style, charismatic personality and vision to propel Starbucks as the premiere specialty coffee house in US. In addition to that, Howard Schultz leadership has enabled¬†¬† Starbucks Corp to be the world’s largest chain of coffee houses and has become one of the most admired brands worldwide. It is in this line of thought that Schultz is a suitable choice for a practical example in regard to transformational leadership.

The Sharp Transformation Effected by Howard Schultz at Starbucks Coffee Inc. witnessed today started back in 1981 when Schultz was bowled over by his first sip of the dark-roasted coffee and urged Baldwin to hire him.Schultz at that time he was a New York-based vice president for a Swedish house wares manufacturer, has ever since changed small-scale plans to big achievable dreams forever. It appears that when Schultz first entered into Starbucks and tested Starbucks coffee beverage, an idea occurred to him that the coffee our Americans drunk is no more than a kind of sewage rather than the quality beverage drink. Basing on that insight, he intended to give up a decent job as a New York-based vice president for a Swedish house wares manufacturer and get down to business at Starbucks for freeing Americans from the previous inferior coffee because he understood well the problem.

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