Thesis: Howard Schultz as a Transformational Leader

Sample Thesis Paper

In conclusion, the paper has demonstrated that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz fit well in the category of global corporate transformational leaders.  This can be seen in terms of expansion of the coffee business since Howard Schultz took over.  Statistically, by 1991, Starbucks had ventured into the mail-order catalogue business, licensed airport stores, expanded into California with over 100 retail stores.

By 1992 the company went public and even further with locations in the US, Japan, and Singapore. Importantly, is the perspective of Schultz as a market innovator by turning a small Seattle based coffee store into a worldwide phenomenon. This was successful because Schultz recognized the value of employees and became the first companies to offer health benefits to part time employees. This extended to all stakeholders such as vendors and customers.

            Based on this paper, it is no doubt that Schultz ought to be regarded as great transformational leader who involves and make the changes to be people centered.  The positive admirable results can be attributed to the corporate philosophy of Starbucks a direct result of the actions and commitment of CEO Howard Schultz.This is because CEO Howard Schultz leadership style he did not think only about ways to accomplish business objectives, but he also inspired and motivated others in the process.  This is the true essence of Transformational Leadership that is people centered.

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