Thesis: Human Emotions

Sample Thesis Paper

This paper shall review peer reviewed sources and shall attempt to define human emotion. The paper shall proceed by elaborating upon the numerous kinds of emotions and shall elaborate upon the various natures of instances in which an emotion can be constructive or destructive. The following paragraphs will also highlight what kinds of emotions should be expressed more openly than others and shall elaborate upon the significance of the understanding of the fact that unless one attains a control on their emotions, uncontrolled emotions can even go so far as to lead to a hindrance in the person’s capabilities to perform productively.

In the most fundamental of meaning, a person’s emotion is the manner in which one perceives an event, entity or occurrence. An emotion is a state of mind in which the person experiencing the emotion begins to perceive any one event, entity or occurrence in a manner such the person’s sense of judgment tends to concentrate entirely upon that event, entity or occurrence.

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