Thesis: Human Resource Management

Sample Thesis Paper

Human resource management is the most important element in an organisational management structure. The human recourse department is responsible for managing the personnel in an organisation and the people are the key elements in an organisation for performing various activities to accomplish organisational goals. Henry Ford once said, “You can take my factories, burn up my buildings, but give me my people, and I’ll build the business right back again” (Taylor and Archer 2005). This signifies the importance of personnel and human resource in an organisation and implies that businesses are nothing with the absence of human resources and human resources are the single most important element of a company.

The human resource management concept is quite comprehensive as it covers several activities linked to the employees in general and the overall functioning of these employees in the workplace. The process of human resource management involves various activities such as designing the mission, vision and values of the organisation, job design, training of employees, designing benefits plans and managing personal issues of employees. The             responsibilities of a human resource manager include giving advice and counselling to supervisors, managers and executives on various issues related to employees. A human resource manager is also involved in services actions such as selecting, hiring, recruiting, catering to concerns of employees regarding company policy, formulating general and specific policies for the organisation, planning of bonuses and incentives and other issues which may relate to employees and their performance (Bohlander and Snell 2009).

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