Thesis: Human Resource Policies in Ford India

Sample Thesis Paper

In the initial stages of business the Ford Motor company experienced a huge impact on its work force due to the tight human resource policies implemented with the moving assembly line. The policy for assembly line allocated a minimum time to each worker to finish a task to save as much time as possible where every second of the workers’ time was utilised in production without any second of the time being lost. Employees were considered objects rather than human beings and there was tight supervision. Due to this policy 50,000 workers joined and left the company when there was only a requirement of 13,000 to 14,000 workers (Price 2007).

Ford has come a long way in respect of human resource management and there have been a lot of changes in the style of human resource management in the company. The company has about 213,000 employees with 90 plants around the world. This geographical diversification increases the need for efficient strategic human resource management in the company. The company’s vision and mission is based on One Ford which involves success through team work, same approach for worldwide plants while uniting employee efforts towards the same objective. One element of this plan is One Team which focuses on teamwork to achieve satisfaction of customers, employees and business partners (Ford Motor Company 2008).

Although the company has a uniform human resource policy across the globe some strategic policies in India are implemented to achieve employee satisfaction which leads to customer satisfaction. The company does not implement a hire and fire policy in India if the employees do not perform well during a quarter or month and a long term measurement plan is implemented instead for the sales people and the performance of employees is evaluated yearly. This policy is implemented to enable employees to fully absorb the basic business environment and functionality to display effectiveness and efficiency over a period of time (Chopra 2006).

Ford India was ranked as one of the top 25 best employers in India in 2009 by the Hewitt Associates. The company was included in the top 25 employers due to an objective oriented strategy, strong emphasis on recruiting, motivating, developing and training capable human resources. The company has implemented career development in the company objectives and there is an open culture at every level of the organisation. Growth oriented strategies and well being of employees are emphasised to enhance employee satisfaction (Ford Motor Company 2009).

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