Thesis: Human Resource Policies in Toyota India

Sample Thesis Paper

The human resources in Toyota a 70 year old company in the automotive sector are given much importance and according to the Chairman of the board of directors of the company human resource development efforts across the globe have been enhanced quite a lot to meet the challenges of global human resource issues relating to diverse cultures and backgrounds in various countries Toyota operates. To accomplish this task the company follows the Monozukuri philosophy of Japanese manufacturing according to which “making things means making people” (Toyota Motor Corporation 2008).

The Toyota Way is a set of 14 principles devised by the company to implement an effective and efficient manufacturing process and maximising on quality and excellent human resource management. Some of these principles are directly linked to human resource management and employee satisfaction and loyalty. Principle 4 is concerned with levelling out and distributing work load which is termed as Heijunka in Japanese. Principle 6 is concerned with standardising tasks for improvement and employee empowerment. The main principle which focuses purely on effective human resource management is principle 9 which is concerned with the training, development and growth of employees and managers who not only implement these techniques themselves but teach it to others as well (Liker 2004).

The company implements these principles to production and manufacturing of cars throughout its plants around the world including India. The company faces challenges in human resource management in India due to cultural differences more diverse than any other country including United States of America. Indian employees are usually sensitive to criticism, tend to resist the company’s policy of continuous improvement through identification of problems and may not be quite serious towards deadlines. The company has to adapt to these conditions and devise plans accordingly to cope with these challenges. The company has made quite a few efforts over the years to make human resource management in India by placing much emphasis on policies related to training, development, benefits, growth and attractive compensation to employees (Magee 2007).

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