Thesis: Human Resource Policies

Sample Thesis Paper

The study of responses to the survey questionnaire reveals that the human resource cycle in an organisation is quite complex and the policies and procedures implemented in various areas affect and influence the motivation and satisfaction of people. Good human resource policies and procedures are quite important to manage the workforce quite efficiently and effectively. The cast study of the two companies based on the survey questionnaires revealed that the employees of both companies regard job satisfaction as a basic factor of quality of work. The findings of the questionnaire replies portray the various areas of human resource policies which motivate employees.

The questions related to employee commitment, training and improving quality of products and services got similar results from the employees and customers of both companies. Almost all respondents were of the view that increasing the level of motivation of employees through various human resource policies such as benefits, incentives, growth opportunities, training and development programs results in higher dedication and improved quality of products and services. Based on this trend it can be assumed that quality of products and services are highly dependent on the level of employee satisfaction.

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