Thesis: Human Resources Management in India

Sample Thesis Paper

Human resource planning and management becomes quite significant in countries where human capital is quite extensive and there is no shortage of working people. Countries with high population figures such as China and India are the best examples of countries where industries and organisations are labour intensive and workforce oriented. Emphasis in these countries should be put on human beings as they are vital to the economic development in the region. The diverse environment of India where people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions work together as a workforce requires managers to implement policies which are crucial to the success of an organisation. Though there is an abundance of people in India there is a scarcity of properly trained individuals. Human resource management becomes more complex and challenging in such environments (Cartwright 2005).

Labour intensive economies such as India provide a large amount of human capital at a very low cost but it does not mean that companies do not have to worry about human resource management as research studies performed involving Indian organisations show that implementation of effective human resource strategies improve employee turnover rate, decrease absenteeism and increase productivity and product quality. Though the labour is cheaper and there is an abundance of alternative employees, companies in India invest quite a lot in effective human resource management to retain and attract well trained and highly motivated personnel. The diversified cultural background also increases the significance of effective human resource management especially by multinational organisations running operations in India (Lake 2007).

Another study performed involving the prescriptions in Panchatantra indicate that management of human resources was explained in this ancient scripture over 5,000 years before these theories and techniques started to be implemented in western countries and organisations. This provides significant evidence that human resource management techniques have been implemented in India for a long time even when the concept of human resources was not introduced in the western countries. Examples of efficient human resource management in India include the policies of Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi (Chendroyaperumal 2009).

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