Thesis: Human Rights and Human Beings

Sample Thesis Paper

Human rights help us shape our nature as human beings. Human rights are, literally, the rights that one has simply because one is a human being. Just as how legal rights derive from the laws so do human rights derive from human nature. Human beings give rise to rights, in other words, they are the authors of their rights.Animals cannot give rise to their rights because they are not rational. Only human beings can discern what is good or bad. It is for this reason that animals’ acts cannot be considered as moral or immoral but neutral. Human rights define those things needed for a life worthy of a human being. Based on a moral vision of human nature, human rights set the limits and requirements of social (especially state) action. But the state and society, guided by human rights, play a major role in realizing that “nature.”

 When human rights claims bring legal and political practice into line with their de­mands, they create the type of person posited in that moral vision. Evil power is that which violates the interests and rights of a state. Rights determine the relationship humans have towards each other. For example, a parent whose duty is to educate her children accords to the child the right to education. In particular, the child enjoys a right to be educated by her parents. Human nature is regarded as moral and this is entrenched on their rights. For example, the right to life is an inalienable right. It is immoral to kill a human being.

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