Thesis: Humane Leadership in Singapore

Sample Thesis Paper

As discussed above, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Japan come together to form the Confucian Asian cluster if one was to consider organizational psychology in the cross-cultural perspective (Silverthorne, 2005). However, on its own, Singaporean is currently in a development stage when considering Humane Leadership and it is perhaps for the same reason that the GLOBE ratings suggest that Singaporean organizations have a score of 5.24 and a grade of B.

The implications of humane leadership can be seen in the fact that humane leadership allows the functions of an organization to operate in a manner that continuously encourages the human resources of the organization to contribute to the operations that are part of the organizations objectives.

Autonomous leadership

Singapore’s autonomous leadership may score only a 3.87 on the GLOBE scale and may warrant it only a B grade, yet its autonomous leadership combines with its favorable tax infrastructure to give its economic rivals such as Sydney and Melbourne a run for their money (Cooper, 2006). It is therefore not hard to judge that Singapore implements autonomous leadership with significant frequency through centralized policies, which causes the organizational culture of Singapore to be a highly autocratic environment.

Needless to say, if one is expected to be a leader, then the leader has to be one that is capable of thinking out of the box and beyond the perimeters of those who are involved in the scenario and are in search of a solution to not only currently present problems but also to problems that may follow in the future.

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