Thesis: Huxley’s inspiration

Sample Thesis Paper

Huxley drew inspiration from certain authors while writing this book, and therefore Brave New World bears certain similarities to those books. For example, Men Like Gods by H. G. Wells is based on the discovery of a Utopian society by the protagonist. People live under a socialist government and are perfectly happy as science has advanced, people understand the value and importance of hard work and disease has been eliminated. The hero initially confused, realizes how this society functions so beautifully and accepts it. Huxley has a similar concept; the discovery of a utopian society by an outsider, however, the outcome is very different. This probably owes to the fact that Huxley intended to paint a frightening picture of modern ‘utopian’ society, while Wells was a big supporter.

The links between this book and The Tempest are both obvious and subtle. Where Shakespeare alludes to British Imperialism, just like Prospero wants to ‘civilize the savage’ (Shakespeare et al.), so does the World State, and the means are not too different as well. Where Britain tried to civilize by introducing English, the World State has done away with other languages too, along with their cultures. The characters are also quite similar, those of Bernard and John perhaps being modeled on Prospero and Caliban’s. The title of the book, is itself a line uttered by Miranda in The Tempest

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