Thesis: Huxley’s discussion on society

Sample Thesis Paper

In the 1950s, in the Brand New World Revisited, Huxley had already concluded that the world was fast approaching the state portrayed in his book. This is true to some extent. No society in the modern world has come close to a utopian state, yet advances in science, technology, drug use, and dictator governments have transformed how people’s roles in society are defined, and the worth of human life. New methods in contraception and abortive techniques have made control of reproduction easy and available to all. Without going into the debate of ‘pro-choice’ versus ‘pro-life’, I feel that this has certainly led to societies becoming more lax and morally unfettered; just like that of The World State where promiscuity was the norm and a ticket to social acceptance.

Use of addictive drugs for one reason or the other has gone on since time immemorial. However, its use as a weapon or tool to subdue and control people is a concept practiced in nations whose dictator governments rule with an iron fist and require full submission and control of their people, which is not naturally possible. Examples would be feudal landlords in some Asian countries who are always on the lookout for rebellions against their oppressive rule, and certain African governments that encourage their poverty stricken people to use addictive substances that make them forget their troubles (Summers). Euthanasia, also, is allowed in certain countries, just like John’s mother was allowed to die by the doctor with an overdose of soma.

Lastly, a society where people are viewed as commodities and not individuals, and where their worth is determined by their demand and working capacity is the principle by which all insurance plans in today’s society work. Putting a value to ones life, and deciding if one is worthy enough or not, is a practice of commercial societies that function on the principle of demand and supply.

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