Thesis: Hydro Power Generation

Sample Thesis Paper

Hydro power also known as hydraulic power is the power which is obtained from the kinetic energy or the force of water movement. This energy is then harnessed by the use of various machines in order to create hydro power.  Hydro comes from the  Greek word meaning water and is the  oldest source of energy in  the world. It has existed  since the beginning of time, before it was used to  create electricity it was mainly used by the public in various fields such as irrigation, textiles and in order to run machinery such as cranes and lifts.
Since then its use has expanded and today it is not only one of the oldest sources of energy, it is also one of the oldest sources of renewable energy in the world.
Hydro electric  power is one of the most well known generators of greener electricity in the United States. It currently provides nearly 96% of the countries renewable energy source and is also  used to generate approximately one sixth of the world’s energy. With that said it may be common but has several other issues that must be taken into consideration (United States Department of the Interior; Bureau of Reclamation; Power Resources Office, 2005).
Cost, efficiency and impact on the environmental are some of the most frequently asked questions when discussing the cons of using hydro power and therefore act as the advantages and disadvantages of this particular power source.

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