Thesis: Hypochondriac

Sample Thesis Paper

Hypochondria, also known as hypochondriasis is a chronic mental illness where one fears of having an undiagnosed serious or life threatening disease. Currently, it is considered as a psychosomatic disorder. However, some researchers believe it to be a form of obsessive- compulsive disorder, and its designation may change with time.

This disorder makes you believe that normal body sensations or vague symptoms are a sign of an underlying disease (Philips 81). Visible characteristics include: excessive fear or anxiety about having a particular disease or condition; worry of minor symptoms indicating a serious illness; seeking repeated medical exams; frequent switching of doctors; frustration with doctors or medical care; strained social relationships; obsessive health research; emotional distress; frequent checking of vital signs such as pulse or blood pressure; thinking you have a disease after reading or hearing about it; avoiding situations that cause or increase anxiety such as hospital environments.

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