Thesis: Identification of Self Care Behaviors

Sample Thesis Paper

Citation: Stys, A. M., & Kulkarni, K. (2007). Identification of Self-Care Behaviors and Adoption of Lifestyle Changes Result in Sustained Glucose Control and Reduction of Comorbidities in Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Spectrum , 21 (1), 55-58.

Brief synopsis: According to this research, there is a strong need for to realize diabetes as a chronic and a possessive disease. Only once this realization is brought about can effective alterations in lifestyles be brought which can then be expected to facilitate diabetes treatment. The research attempted to explore the possibilities through which a registered dietitian can assist in the development of productivity through self-care and self-regulation (Stys & Kulkarni, 2007).

It was realized in the research that self-care is often taken for granted and underestimated for its productivity. The research concluded that self-care is a highly multidimensional element and requires extensive adaptation and motivation in order to ensure that it sustains its effectiveness when faced with external influences such as adverse economic conditions, discouraging motivations, tradition riddled health beliefs and the like.

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