Thesis: Identification of the Gen Y shoppers

Sample Thesis Paper

Gen Y shoppers is identified by the ability to stay connected through the internet or the phones. The technological development has favored Gen Y shoppers, which mainly constitutes of those aged between 10 and 30 years. This generation is said to using the latest technology to connect with each other.

This has made them a major target for those in business to employ the technology in order to attract and maintain clients using internet that is accessible through phones and internet (Khine & Fisher, 2003). Through the employment of this technology, this generation will be an easy target for any business since they spend most of their time online and most have mobile phones. The digital media has offered many businesses a change to connect with all clients in the global arena making the world a global village. Through the latest technology, many firms are in direct contact with their client throughout making transactions and communications very cheap. Through the online means and short message sent through the phones, many organizations promote their products and get the feedback through message and emails making technology unavoidable tool of marketing.

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