Thesis: Illegal Immigrants

Sample Thesis Paper

Since no research into the subject would be complete without a historical perspective of the lives of subdocuments immigrants who become a part of the American society, an article by Helene Hayes will also be brought into use in order to highlight the role that history has had to play in the course of time for the undocumented immigrants of the United States of America (Hayes).

The research will then proceed to explore the solutions that exist to the problem and in doing so, probe into solutions that have been brought forth in previous studies into the area such as those in Inclusive citizenship meanings and expressions by Naila Kabeer (Kabeer). Literature available on the subject matter will also be used to highlight immigration issues that lead people to opt towards becoming illegal immigrants is also used as an instrument to assist the research (Bischoff) and real life examples will also be used to establish credibility for the same (Hart).

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