Thesis: Illegal immigration and US legal authorities in America

Sample Thesis Paper

Since 2000, the number of undocumented immigrants has increased. About a half-million foreigners come in the United States by illegal means each year. Because of that, low-to-moderate skilled Americans are losing their jobs. In order to solve this problem, US legal authorities are working to create more secure borders. Also, to eliminate motivations to come to the US illegally, US new law system will make employees prove that their workers are legal. Those illegal immigrants, who possessed a good status, would be able to give away compensation, become skilled at English and thus get the opportunity to become the United States citizens. In order to decrease the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico, government supports helping in economic development of America.

According to the Department for Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics America, the rate for joblessness in April 2006 appeared to be 5.10 % in Texas 4.6% in San Antonio, Texas, and 4.7% nationally, which was comparatively the lowest rate since 2001. The relationship between supply and demand became precarious as unemployment affected the industry in several ways as

(a) Consumers were unable to afford,

(b) Unfilled jobs in the industry affect the availability of products

(c) The overall influence that the unemployment rate can have on the economy of the nation and/or a region.

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