Thesis: Illegal Immigration

Sample Thesis Paper

In 21st century, illegal immigration has been an alarming issue that raises concern in the developed countries. However the fascinating fact is that these illegal immigrations are linked to the well structured and organized criminal groups which controls and plans for smuggling and trafficking of persons across national borders.

Despite today world being a globalizing world, the immigrants still faces a lot of immigration policies restrictions that gives an option of reliance on illegal methods. Thus, these criminal groups capitalize and utilize the stipulated restrictions as a basis for them to facilitate their illegal emigrational transactions.  Therefore is appoint of worthy to mention that, as long as the nation’s continue to maintain their policies of restrictive immigration; human smuggling and trafficking is expected to raise from the figures which the US government gives of around 0.8 million to  0.9 million persons who are trafficked across international borders annually (Alan 2006, Dimitri 2008).

This is a new security threat that is replacing drug trafficking and is rated second largest in the world today. However the human smugglers make high profits with a relatively low risk of being detected, arrested and tried. Even if they are imprisoned they only encounter short prison sentences as compared to drug traffickers or terrorists.

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