Thesis: Illegality Shown In The Burning Chrome

Sample Thesis Paper

Most of the popular joints do not sell legal products. This shows that illegality is the norm in this society. For instance, the popular joint called the Blue Lights is too popular that it appears as if all sold in there is legal. Ii is as if illegality has changed to legality.

One can argue that nothing is illegal in this society since everyone is doing it. There is even noting legal to relate with the illegal and thus lead to the rebuke of the illegal.

Strength of a woman is also evident in the world by Gibson. Even after Rikki leaves the house of the two hackers in a mess and goes to a café with another boy, the hackers still follow her. Bobby keeps on telling his friend “how much he loved her”. Jack as well keeps on remembering her and cannot visit the Blue Lights joint because it will remind him of her the more. The two boys are obsessed with one woman and cannot think straight any more. Their actions and thoughts are disrupted by her thoughts. Jack thinks that the Blue Lights joint can make good money if he owns it but cannot buy it because it will remind him of Rikki.

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