Thesis: Image of Cuban Women

Sample Thesis Paper

On the other hand, the image of Cuban women as depicted in Che’s Afterlife: The Legacy of an Image by Michael Casey is one that appears to be strictly supplementary (Casey). There is hardly any recognition of the Cuban woman at any point in the book and it was strongly felt during the study of the book during the research for this paper that the book while competent in its own right was somewhat inadequate when considered with regard to the subject f this paper.

Currently, nearly seventy percent of teachers and workers in the education sector are women and the number of female nurses has been recorded to be observing a steady increase over the years. While the number of women in managerial positions may be far less to account for even half the managerial positions, the number of scientists is almost near forty percent and the number of professionals has risen to over sixty five percent (Cuban Solidarity.Org). These increasing levels of the entrance of women into different walks of life in Cuba serve to paint a promising picture of a bright future for Cuban women.

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