Thesis: Immigration and Nationality Act 2006-UK

Sample Thesis Paper

The immigration and nationality act 2006, seeks to establish whether the person working in a foreign country does so on valid and legal grounds, with a clean work permit, valid passports and visa which he or she must apply for. These mentioned documents given by astute grants an individual right to live, work or study in foreign countries.In order to acquire of Visa, passports and work permits, one is required to follow a particular procedures such getting the required information from the embassy of the countries they want to migrate to, following the steps required by producing certain personal documents like identification card, birth certified and other testimonials to show that you are true citizen of your country and so, legible for the application of the immigration visa to another countries. It is in this regard that this paper seeks to explore all the processes and requirements for American citizens to work legally in the United Kingdom. Towards achieving this, the paper is going to look at the documents required in the application process and all the conditions that an American must meet to Qualify in getting the Visa to legally work study or even live in the United Kingdom (U.K).

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