Thesis: Impact of Drugs to the Sporting Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

Questionnaires will be the major tool that would be used by the researcher in collection of information. In cases where it is most convenient, interviews would be carried and secondary sources of information studied. This would be important in ensuring that the research problem is fully addressed. In order to get the most reliable findings possible, the researcher expects to administer questionnaires and carry out interviews to three hundred and fifty people who will make up the sample group for the research (Liviu, Shirani, et al, 1996, pp.90-204). In cases where administration of questionnaires would not be convenient or would be considered to be cumbersome to the intended respondent, electronic mails and telephone calls would be used.

The research has a number of goals which it intends to achieve. The need to identify the negative effects and impact of drugs to the sporting industry and finding the possible solutions to the youths in both the United States of America and other parts of world dominates the research purpose. The research also intends to find out whether or not the American way of life to win and ensure that it becomes the best in every aspect influences the rate at which the youth’s uses drugs in sports. The hypothesis used in the research clearly states that indeed “there is always a serious correlation and influence between the United States of America’s great desire to succeed and the continuous usage of drugs by most youths in order to enhance their performance in sports.”

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