Thesis: Impact of eBay

Sample Thesis Paper

eBay has had a significant impact on the communication and media elements in the retailing industry. Prior to eBay most of the transaction specifically pertaining to auctions took place in real markets based on the regions of operations. eBay however brought new technology, the virtual market[pace for the sellers and the buyers allowing them to come together in the virtual environment and conduct their transaction activities online. This increases ecommerce in general while putting online auction in the fore front. As a result of eBay the medium of communication changed from telephone and direct physical presence at the auctions to virtual presence at the online market places.

The impact of the business and service proposition provide by eBay to the sellers and the customers have been significant as well. The sellers have been able to reduce their cost of getting the products to the customers as well as reduce their costs of viewer ship and creating awareness of their product by selling through eBay. Almost anybody can access eBay and post an object or item to be auctioned. Similarly the customers also find it much feasible and convenient to log on to the internet and check for the products that they want on eBay through the search engine. This reduces the costs as well as the time associated with conducting purchase for both the sellers and the buyers.

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