Thesis: Impact of Employee Satisfaction on Customer Satisfaction

Sample Thesis Paper

The most important question related to the current research was asked from customers and employees of both companies. This question was related to the relationship between employees and customers of each company and the impact employee satisfaction has on customer satisfaction. The responses from both employees and customers observed in the previous chapter indicate that employee satisfaction has a huge impact on quality of products and services.

The level of customer satisfaction is highly dependent on the quality of products and services. This shows that if employee satisfaction improves, the quality of products and services will improve and it will have a positive impact on customer satisfaction. This strengthens the premise that employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction are interrelated and any improvements in employee satisfaction would enhance the level of customer satisfaction.

The analysis of questionnaire responses has helped the researcher in answering the research questions and drawing a valid conclusion. The observations of the researcher provide a strong and clear foundation to accept or reject the research hypothesis. It can be stated that there are various policies and procedures in human resources which impact employee satisfaction and based on the primary research these include policies related to the environment of the organisation, job description, working conditions of employees and relationship between superiors and subordinates. If these policies are implemented efficiently and effectively in an organisation they result in high levels of employee satisfaction as seen in Ford India and Toyota India. The analysis of the questionnaire findings also spells out the positive impact high level of employee satisfaction has on customer satisfaction.

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