Thesis: Impact Of Globalization

Sample Thesis Paper

Countries like the United States have emerged as a super power due to the impacts of globalization attributed to the wealthy and strong economy. As a result of globalization, china has a positive economic growth and is likely to rival or challenge US as the leading super power in the coming 20 years and will have a great impact on the global business policies of economics and politics (Hurst E. Charles).Globalization of the firms’ aids the management to get information pertaining markets even from the most remote geographical regions and subsequently enhances increase of cross cultural contact and coming up of distinct identities like the globalism that tends to lead to cultural diffusion, the yearning for the consumption of unfamiliar/ foreign products, adoption of foreign technologies and all these are embodies to come up to with a world culture, more so, there is international cultural exchanges between societies brought about by the export of products like the Hollywood movies.

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