Thesis: The Impact of Internet on Education

Sample Thesis Paper

Before the creation of the widespread network of computers we now know as the internet. Communication networks were limited to just a few computers connected by a central mainframe that shared collective data. However, once the internet protocol suite was created the concept of a global interconnected web slowly began to take shape. This web steadily grew into the worldwide phenomenon that we now know as the internet. Today the internet is an integral part of our society, used in every facet, in every industry, in every economy. It’s inclusion in the education system and its impact is what will be discussed here.

When we consider how the internet has an impact on education we must first know the methods employed by educational institutions. The progressive application of the internet in the educational medium is still in an ever expanding state. The internet transmits its information in two ways. The first is communication between computers and conferencing which includes tasks such as e-mails, mailing lists, newsgroups, feeds, and audio, video or text chat sessions. The second is access to information and retrieval of that information for use. This information can be text based or audio-visual in nature.

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