Thesis: Impact of Parents Concerns over Rezoning Idea

Sample Thesis Paper

The issues that have been raised by the learner’s parents in regard to redrawing of school boundaries, on first site they imply that the parents are against the rezoning idea. The five strong reasons that have voiced by the parents that create a controversy are: crossing economic and cultural boundaries, crossing cultural and economic boundaries, quality of education, social impacts on the children and the likelihood of increased travel time.It should be noted that the parent’s fundamental reasons in objection to rezoning are valid and very important. For instance, the issues concerning quality of education is crucial and critical to parents as parents do not know the teachers who will be involved with their children after rezoning and this make them to be worried (Sebenius and David, 2007). For example, some parents need to get their children in schools with adequate teachers capable of providing one-on-one time with their children, and very close to the family themselves. The parents fear that if rezoning is successful, their students can go to a school that is so big, and as a result the teachers will not be able to give that one-on-one time with their children (Sebenius and David, 2007). As a consequence, the students to these new schools may not have access to the same educational standards as the previous school which they were attending.

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