Thesis: Impact of White Collar Crime on the Economy

Sample Thesis Paper

When we speak of white collar crime this of course refers to a crime which is done by an individual who inhabits a high social status within society. The crime is usually done by the individual in question within the confines of his or her occupation.

Today the United States is experiencing one of the most financially turbulent times in its history. It is experiencing financial difficulties that it has not been plagued by since it went through the great depression. There is a great amount of uncertainty and worry regarding the current state of the economy and decreasing job employment due to one major factor, the increased incidence of White collar crime within the American Landscape.

One of the latest reasons for the collapse of the economy has been the near collapse of a major insurance giant by the name of AIG. Other companies have also seen similar financial worries such as Chrysler and General Motors. For many years the criminal activities of these companies has been a source of great concern for the American public. Ever since the disaster which was Enron had a staggering effect on the American consciousness the enormity of the problem which is white collar crime has come into focus.

It is difficult to quantify the various criminal offences which take place within the realm of white collar crime. However, included within are violations which are not limited to bribery, embezzling fund, forging, evading taxes and other illegal activities such as insider trading, corporate and political corruption and not following environmental and safety standards at places of employment. There are also crimes related to fraud which can also encompass crimes on the internet as well as various schemes which violate quality standards of food and drugs.

It is then quite disturbing that White Collar Crime when committed results in more loss financially and in terms of life than street crime. It is this century most significant social malady which is growing at an exponential rate and whose attention at a national level still has not been gained.

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