Thesis: Impact of Work Place stress on Health

Sample Thesis Paper

Rapid growth in economic activities and rise in consumer needs may create a pace unfavorable to the workers. As a result workers may be unable to cope with the situations. It is in such circumstances that pressure evolves among workers.Depressing stress grows and majority of workers may succumb to depression or insomnia. There are also occupational consequences for example, dissatisfactions in one’s job, less dedication to the organization’s vision (Bambra, 2007), decreased performance and failing to report to duty or non attendance. Ellis argues that in the early stages job stress can ‘rev up’ the body and enhance performance in the work place thus the term ‘I perform better while under pressure’. However if this condition is allowed to go unchecked and the body is revved up further, the performance ultimately declines and the person’s health degenerates (Allis, 2005).

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