Thesis: Impacts Of Corporate Restructuring

Sample Thesis Paper

On the international scene, Shivdasani (1997) open the stage with their study of impacts of corporate restructuring during performance declines in Japan. Using their study sample of 99 corporations that were experiencing decline in performance, but after restructuring their findings reported an improved performance.In other studies in relation to international restructuring, Valsan (2001) studied restructuring in newly privatized Romanian firms and reported that restructuring increases the likelihood of their survival. The study of the effects of corporate and financial restructuring of late 1990 following IMF bailout, indicated that massive restructuring in Korea helped to reduce the unemployment rate and helped the recovery process though the unemployment rate initially rose.

            However, despite these proofs from the bodies of literature that forms a rich source of confirmation that corporate restructuring can serve a purpose to boost performance, there is more to be done than to desire to affirm the extend of usefulness of restructuring to financial performance and corporate market transformation.

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