Thesis: The Impacts of Cyberterrorism

Sample Thesis Paper

One may notice that the definition of cyberterrorism is much broader than information terrorism as the former involves not only the presence of intimidation but the presence of violence resulting to physical injury or even death. Apparently, cyberterrorism serves as a warning that it is not advisable to take for granted any threats being encountered in the internet as some extremist groups are indeed capable of substantiating a seemingly harmless exaggeration. In fact, in an article provide by the Internet Business Law Services (2007), the impacts of cyberterrorism has been provided in details:

  1. The expensiveness of having one’s computer hacked and destroyed after it is infected by a planted virus. The viruses implanted on a computer is capable of either destroying a computer entirely or just some of its components, nevertheless the repairs can be deemed costly and time consuming. One study provided that the Love Bug virus caused incurred losses (between three and fifteen billion dollars) that exceeded damage expenses of hurricane Andrew (around eleven billion dollars). The Trojan horse is an example of the virus which can give unauthorized access to information thieves by obtaining passwords and other confidential data. Another is by the use of worms which are placed in order to infect and destroy one computer or even an entire network.

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