Thesis: Impacts of Piracy on the Music Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

The second article is On the reproduction of the musical economy after the Internet by Andrew Leyshon, Peter Webb, Shaun French, Nigel Thrift and Louise Crewe. While the first article considered focused on the impacts of piracy on the motion picture industry, this one focuses on the impacts of piracy on the music industry.

The article focuses on the influences that the music industry underwent in the recent century. The article explores how the music industry was dominated y four music producing giants and how their sales continued to decrease with the advent of the Compact Disk. Steadily the authors take the readers through the impacts that improving technology had on the economical standing of the music industry. The article takes the reader through the loss trend that the music industry faced and brings the discussion of the trend to a conclusion with the root cause of the economical deficit: The Internet. The reader is then introduced to the measures taken and objections raised by stake holders of the music production industry. Using statistical figures, the article proves how the internet had heavy impacts upon music sales across the globe and particularly in the UK and the US. The authors argue their case to justify their stance against unauthorized and unremunerated music distribution of music over the internet. They claim that internet based music exchange websites are depriving the music industry of revenue that it rightfully deserves.

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